Additional services

At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we complement our main range of services with other fields of law that may have a positive effect on the activities of our clients. As such, the advisory service we provide is coordinated with other areas, such as administrative law and tax law, to guarantee the best solutions from a fiscal perspective for both companies and individuals.

A lack of knowledge and inexperience regarding the administrative and fiscal realities in different markets can lead to unnecessary and perfectly avoidable vulnerabilities, incidents and delays if the appropriate resources are not used. In this regard, our lawyers, with extensive know-how in the procedures relating to the Administration and to the public sector in general, both in Spain and in the Netherlands, prevent all kinds of red tape that can entail an obstacle to the transactions of those we represent.

At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we identify the critical elements of all transactions in advance, providing simple solutions for complex situations. This is made possible by an extensive network of professionals who never fail to ensure compliance with the legal standards in the jurisdiction in question.

Therefore, thanks to the different specialities of the lawyers who make up our human resources, we can provide services in other areas of law with full guarantees:

      • Administrative law
      • Tax law
      • Employment law
      • General civil law, in which inheritance law and estate planning are prominent.
      • Criminal law (particularly, corporate crime)

This range of services meets our commitment to provide comprehensive cover to our clients, who demand a one-stop shop and a multidisciplinary approach to the risks that may correspond to their activities.

Ultimately, minimising the risk of every transaction, by drawing up strategy plans to anticipate the legal contingencies that may materialise, and acting before they arise are priorities. To do that, we seek out the most appropriate channels and course of action to avoid such risks and to resolve any legal dispute that our clients could subsequently face.