Finance / Banking

Recent changes in the business paradigm over the last few years, together with the impact of globalisation and the rapid advances in new technology, have caused disruption in different economic sectors and have brought about the entrance of new financial agents into the world’s capital markets. In this context, a quick adaptation and modernisation process is required, which will no doubt affect the legal profession. At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we are fully aware of this situation. As such, we have the human and technical resources needed to successfully overcome all the challenges that this new competitive environment entails.

Our team of experts has significant experience in advising first-rate banking and credit institutions, such as DEUTSCHE BANK, ABN AMRO BANK, RABOBANK, etc. Our experience encompasses all kinds of national and international transactions and we help companies from different sectors to find the most suitable financial means with which to undertake and expand their operations.

We have advised our clients in and represented our clients on cross-border loans with mortgage guarantees, negotiations on short- and long-term financing agreements for business projects, the financing of property assets, the drawing up and structuring of leasing, factoring and confirming agreements, the creation of guarantees, debt restructuring and derivative transactions, among others.

To ensure the best results are achieved for the client, the Banking and Finance Law Department at our firm works closely with the Business Law Department, obtaining the highest degree of efficiency in all transactions, which include the issuance of securities, public offerings, takeover bids and capital increases.  

Our extensive experience has been consolidated over many years of professional practice in mortgage foreclosure proceedings for the leading national and international banking institutions.  

The notable reputation of our firm in banking and finance law is largely due to our high level of knowledge of the corresponding regulatory framework in the capital markets of the countries in which we work, as well as of the technical and precautionary aspects that must be taken into consideration in cross-border transactions. Thanks to our knowledge of EU legislation and the experience of our lawyers in financial transactions and operations, De la Fuente & Martín Alonso occupies a privileged position in the sector, representing several prominent borrowing companies and financial institutions in significant transactions.