At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we provide a comprehensive advisory service for all property market agents, from individual investors, to promotors and construction companies, not forgetting the credit institutions that fund said transactions. An important part of our work regards advising investment funds from different areas on managing their asset portfolios and on preparing, negotiating and closing property acquisitions.

Our lawyers stand out for not only their knowledge of contract law and vast experience in property investment management, but also their knowledge of administrative, fiscal and town-planning framework in every market in which De la Fuente & Martín Alonso works.

The presence of our firm in different strategic areas of notable land value in Europe (Ibiza, Palma, Rotterdam, Málaga, Marbella and Madrid) and in Asia (our representation office in Singapore) is particularly worthy of mention.

In the preliminary stages of every transaction, we carry out an exhaustive study on the corresponding town planning and registry situation, as well as all the legal aspects to be taken into account to formalise agreements with the utmost assurance for our clients. Furthermore, our partners are actively involved in revising and preparing agreements, and in negotiating each and every clause in the interest of those we represent. However, our work does not end on signing the agreement. Our lawyers accompany clients in the execution of notarial deeds and provide them with comprehensive advice on any dispute or matter that may arise after formalising the operation. Furthermore, our lawyers also accompany our clients, where appropriate, in the event that they are involved in court proceedings.

In this regard, our services include:

      • Statutory auditing (due diligence)
      • Drawing up of all kinds of property agreements
      • Viability reports on town planning
      • Personal attendance at the execution of notarial deeds and registry entries
      • Fiscal planning of the transaction
      • Contractual and tort law dispute resolution
      • Representation in cases regarding promotor or construction-company liability.