Our membership in different prestigious organisations in the legal sector, both on a national and international scale, endorses our capacity to act in many different jurisdictions.

Our participation in and collaboration with these entities is a testament to our complete commitment to achieving the highest ethical standards and best practices in the legal profession. These principles inspire our work each and every day, converting the interests of our clients into our priority and incorporating professional ethics into our unwavering commitment.

These memberships entail not only recognition of our work and reputation, but also guarantee our efficient legal performance in all the markets in which we practise. Our association with such professional and institutional groups also allows us to exchange knowledge and to foster the continuous training of our managers and their teams, which study and participate in many training sessions, courses and master’s programmes taught by said institutions.

In this respect, the close relationship our firm has with various leading institutions on the international stage has attracted to us many corporate clients and individuals from different areas.

Furthermore, our close relationship with diplomatic and consular institutions in different countries, particularly in Ecuador –due to the appointment of Eliseo de la Fuente as honorary consul of Ecuador in Rotterdam and as director of the Union des Consuls à Rotterdam– has favoured the creation of commercial and strategic ties that are key to operating in the Ecuadorian market and to expanding the reach of our services to the Americas. Thanks to these connections, important alliances have emerged with agents in different sectors (oil companies, large investors, tourism companies, etc.) that facilitate the undertaking of projects in those countries.

Our work is endorsed by important bodies and institutions, such as:

The Bar Association of Málaga

The Bar Association of Madrid

Instituto de Empresa (Business School)

Corps Consulaire Nederland

Union des Consuls à Rotterdam et La Haye