At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we believe that legal advice must always be at the service of the client’s operational departments. As such, we look to forge cohesion and interaction between our services and the different business areas, adapting ourselves to the needs of our clients, even in terms of reporting. In other words, our firm stands out thanks to its strong business focus and our extensive knowledge of sectors, which, combined with the know-how of our lawyers, help us to provide the best solutions tailored to each and every case.

Just some of the companies that have placed their trust in us include:


Our firm also has an extensive, albeit select, individual client portfolio (artists, sportspersons and family offices, etc.) that engage our services to manage substantial assets and to search for foreign investment opportunities. An ever-increasing number of entities and individuals from countries such as Belgium, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States and Spain are coming to our firm looking for the highest quality of legal support, mainly on company matters, banking agreements, financial agreements and property investments on a national and international scale.

Our private clients value our professionality and discretion, as well as how we use the best practices we have accrued over our long international history, along with our ethics and scrupulousness as regards confidentiality, and how we take charge of the legal and financial management of their matters as though they were our own, while our proactiveness and search for turnkey solutions never fail to stand out.

Our presence in cities such as Rotterdam, Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Palma, Ibiza and Singapore helps us to detect a wide range of investment possibilities for our clients in said regions and areas of influence.

Furthermore, as we are aware of the specific needs of non-residents in Spain, our team of experts offers them comprehensive legal support, using its extensive knowledge and experience to adjust solutions to each case and to guarantee that their operations are successful. As such, we avoid all kinds of legal obstacles, always searching for more efficient taxpayer strategies and alternatives in order to optimise the fiscal situation of their activities.