Banking, finance and insurance


Both the increasingly demanding, changing and complex regulatory environment and the perfect storm forming in the financial sector, led by FinTech and major tech giants like Google and Apple that are offering financial services, have ignited an authentic revolution in the sector. In terms of the insurance sector, the disruption has also come pounding at its door. The main source of said disruption is InsurTech, a term referring to technology applied in the insurance sector, which is reshaping the sector from the ground up with small tech-based businesses that can be easily scaled up and that can challenge the traditional insurance companies in the market. In this context, at De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we consider ourselves to be the ideal legal partner for financial and insurance sector entities and operators. Thanks to our TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) Department, we have a great understanding of the new business models that have arisen on the back of the latest technology. As such, we can advise start-ups, banking institutions, financial operators and insurance companies with regard to the strategic and legal challenges that the new environment may have in store for them. Ultimately, we are allies in the business undertakings of our clients, a perception that entities such as ABN Amro, Deutsche Bank, ING and Rabobank also share, given that they have placed their confidence in us.



The property sector is getting back to pre-crisis levels and, as a result, we are starting to once again see the appearance in the market of somewhat questionable practices in terms of legality. At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we have extensive experience in property acquisition management throughout national territory, acting for national and foreign clients and, particularly, for investment funds, private clients and family offices. As we have offices in Madrid, Málaga, Marbella, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, we have extensive knowledge of all the peculiarities of each and every plaza, which gives us a competitive advantage and our clients a quality guarantee. We take charge of everything through what we conceptualise as a “turnkey” service and we are fully aware that time is a resource that our clients have in short supply. Our management stretches from prior due diligence (analysing possible contractual relationships, verifying with the land registry the status of the estate and possible related easements, visiting the property of interest on behalf of the clients, requesting relevant expert analyses when requested by the client, etc.) to control (through agreements and monitoring) of the eventual real estate agency involved, including drawing up all the contractual documents required and registering the property in all the relevant registries, all with our full client guarantee. Furthermore, in our service, clients are also provided with tax optimising –for both the transaction and the client–, transparency and frequent information regarding the status of their property so that they can always keep an eye on their assets.



With globalisation, the challenges that companies in the sector have to face are becoming ever greater. An international setting and an extremely competitive reality, playing out in a volatile and unstable environment, require on-par services that give value to the operations of our clients. Our work in the industrial sector has afforded us extensive experience in providing corporate advice to our clients in mergers and integrations (including asset acquisitions and takeover bids), restructuring operations, import and export operations, company incorporations, establishment of strategies to create strategic alliances and joint ventures, company dissolutions and liquidations, company insolvencies, insurance law, competition law, industrial and intellectual property law, and national and international investment strategies, among others. Our international nature –with offices in Rotterdam and our Singapore desk–, business vision, strict professionality and our scrupulousness as regards confidentiality, are fundamental elements in the services we provide our industrial clients.



Tourism has become one of the main engines of the Spanish economy and, as such, it is subject to an increasing level of regulation, forcing our clients to meet obligations that are ever more rigorous and complicated to manage. At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we understand the peculiarities and transversality of the sector and we provide made-to-measure solutions for investments in this field, entailing corporate law, administrative law (including subsidies), tax law, employment law, and many other fields of action. The comprehensive service we provide family offices, investment funds and private clients has, thanks to the different specialities of our partners, teams and collaborators, resulted in us becoming one of the most respected one-stop shops in Spain, offering all our clients in the tourism sector the relevant guarantees.



Competition in the aviation sector is immense and good legal advice can and must become a competitive advantage for our clients. There are few sectors in which the price to pay for bad legal advice is so clearly evident. At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, our long history in the aviation sector has allowed us to understand its complexities and to provide the quickest and highest quality service regarding the sale, purchase and rental of aircrafts, mortgages, registrations, insurance, seizures, airports and aerodromes, new destinations, agreement and licensing handling, freight and passenger transport agreements (including import/export and transfer prices), comprehensive management of all legal in-court and out-of-court claims brought by passengers, regulatory bodies and third parties against airlines, etc. At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, we specialise in aviation and Iberia is just one of the clients we have in this sector.

Sports & Entertainment


To talk about sports & entertainment is to talk about one of the sectors with the most media exposure, which requires great discretion, love for details, negotiating capacity and a problem-solving personality. Based on these four maxims, our focus turned to sports & entertainment many years ago. Today, this is one of a number of sectors which best represent our client portfolio, which includes athletes, artists, agents, representatives, clubs, sports entities, federations, associations, international bodies and investment funds that consider De la Fuente & Martín Alonso to be the ideal legal partner due to its advisory quality and its impeccable response time. As momentum is particularly important in this sector, we provide our clients with a personalised service and comprehensive management of their business, in which, albeit managed by a single legal project manager (LPM), several departments participate, along with partners in the tax and employment law areas. Thanks to our Technology, Media and Telecommunications Department (TMT), we have also gained notable experience in the emerging phenomenon of eSports. In particular, we have an extensive track record in agreements regarding representation and tax optimisation, which are always within the law so as to avoid any negative impact on the image –one of their main assets, particularly in terms of publicity–, of our clients.



As regards the agri-food sector, we can point to two fundamental aspects: on the one hand, strategic support on legal matters and the undertaking of our clients’ business (investment funds, food and distribution companies, drinks companies, hospitality companies, agricultural companies, etc.) with special focus on the supply and distribution chain, their international operations and, particularly, on aspects relating to import and export. And on the other, preventative support, from a legal perspective, to avoid reputation-related crises that may appear in the media, which may compromise their current and future production output and, as a consequence, affect their financial results. We provide our clients in the agri-food sector with all the legal services they need to undertake their activity, regardless of situation in which their business is in.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)


At De la Fuente & Martín Alonso, given our multidisciplinary nature, curiosity and eagerness, we have consolidated our work over recent years in the TMT sector. We advise our TMT clients (operators, distributors, sales persons, media, investment funds, etc.) on a wide range of matters that go from IT –including telecommunications and audiovisuals–, to intellectual property, involving corporate, administrative and competition law. We defend the interests of our clients in contractual and procedural areas and in diverse aspects such as licenses (including assignments and leases), outsourcing, content portals, eCommerce, purchase centres, social media, agreements between operators, agreements with subscribers and users, tenders, auctions, etc.

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