Private client

In addition to advising companies and banking institutions, De la Fuente & Martín Alonso also has an extensive, albeit select, portfolio of individual clients (artists, sportspersons and family offices, etc.) who have placed their trust in us to manage their assets and to resolve all kinds of civil and property-related matters.

We provide advisory services in the search for the best property and finance investments for our clients, giving priority to their interests and maximising the profitability of each transaction. In the area of legal-asset management, the international nature of our team of specialists eliminates geographical borders and allows us to find the greatest variety of high-performing investment opportunities.

The complete processing of succession plans for family offices or of other succession-related needs, is another service that our firm provides. This practice started when, in the early days of our firm, we began to advise the senior executives of the companies with which we worked and, thanks to their recommendations, we ended up extending the service to their family and close circles.

In civil law matters, our firm helps individuals in the areas of:

      • Estate planning
      • Civil agreements
      • Claims for non-payment
      • Urban and rural property leases
      • Inheritances, successions and gifts
      • Family law
      • Contractual and tort law civil liability
      • Legal assistance in court proceedings
      • Alternative dispute resolution

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that our team of lawyers has a long history in the management and administration of substantial assets, always seeking a high rate of return on all investments made. We provide personalised advisory services that adjust to the circumstances and needs of each client, attempting to minimise the risk of each transaction through diversification methods and rational use of suitable financial instruments. As such, we draw up effective strategy plans in which we combine the acquisition and leasing of property assets with a complex financial transaction approach, handling securities, derivatives and fixed-income securities, among others.